Stillness & Movement 7 May - 17 June 2006
A collaborative project between Visual Art & Dance

Femke van Gent (installation) - Sue Fielding (paintings)

with choreographer Carlos Cortes and contemporary dancers from the North Wales Dance Collective

Heavy and light

The relation between lightness and heaviness has been the main focus in my work over the last few years. The series of objects exhibited in Galeri are very much related to the body. The weight of heavy objects influences movement and could evoke emotional response when held. Weight is a metaphor for things that hold us back, but also keeps us grounded. Some objects make connections to people and to space. I have been aware of the emotional states of being high up in the sky and being down, close to the earth while working on this project.

My objects often evolve from materials. The different qualities intrigue me. I play with contrast; creating objects with for example steel and wool and cement and rubber. For this project the emphasis is on soft and hard materials including locally sourced wool and stone.

The collaboration with choreographer Carlos Cortes and the dancers has opened the way I think about exhibiting my objects. I realise they are not just objects to be viewed, they need to be explored, felt and played with to reveal their rich and conflicting messages. So please feel free to use all your senses to experience my work.