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On this website part of my website you can find images and statements of my art, images of exhibitions, examples of 3D work and information about collaborative projects I have done with contemporary dancers from the North Wales Dance Collective, choreographer Carlos Cortes from London, painter Sue Fielding and dancer artist Paula Hampson from Liverpool.

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13 - 18 June 2008 T project

part of graduation Show at Coleg Menai

The final project for my Fine Art Degree is called: T project. It is a social art project that encourages people to make connections. Anybody can participate. It is time we start opening our doors to eachother (again), not being affraid to show who we are and have a healthy curiousity in how other people live.

You simply join the project by printing the logo and put it on a visible place in your window. It is a sign to tell people that you are welcoming them to knock on your door and come in for a cuppa and a chat. If you send photos of the tea-party to me I will include them in the exhibitionspace at Coleg Menai.

For more information about the T project you can look on
There will be regularly new photographs of tea-sessions added to the page. Join and you can upload your own photos.



22 March 2008 11am - 12:30pm Workshop to celebrate 3 year aniversary of Galeri in Caernarfon with visual artist Femke van Gent, dancer Lisa Spaull and musician Rob Spaull. The workshop is open to anyone with three legs or arms (extra limbs available on request!). Together with the 3 artists, participants will be invited to create extra limbs, improvise with sounds and explore movement with the 'Three Legged Waltz'.

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1 February 2008 Femke was part of the Fringe Festival that toke place during the British Dance Edition (BDE) - an important dance festival where the best of British Dance is shown to a group of international delegates. In collaboration with the North Wales Dance Collective Femke's sculptures have made appearances around the city, the response from the general public was great. Specially the transportation of the three half man on our necks nearly caused chaos because people were staring at us! Because of strong winds and even snow it was not great for people to stand still and watch us for long, but together with the other Fringe performances we succeded in creating a vibrant and creative buzz in the city. For images click here

THE SUITCASE PROJECT is a series of journeys in which the suitcase is the link between different times & places. The journeys have been recorded through photographs and video and brought together in a book.

19 October 2007 another performance SWITCH V2 has taken place with objects made by Femke van Gent. Dancers from NW-Dance Collective showed a choreography by Lisa Spaull at Civic Hall, Conwy as part of the Community Dance Wales yearly conference. Hopefully I will be able to show a short version of this performance on my website in the near future.

Femke has been part of the preparations of the labyrinth performance Ysbrydnos from 25-31 October in Coed Qwydir near Llanrwst. Click here to see the flyer Her contribution was very subtle and probably hasn't been noticed by anyone - she left a bag full of eucalyptus leaves on the path.

In the weekend of 22-23 September 2007 Femke took part in the Open Studios in Zoeterwoude (Netherlands). She made an installation called 'Grandmothers chair', in which the audience was invited to sit in her grandmothers chair and look at a photocollage of the room where her gran died 2 years ago. She also showed the video 'Re-cycle of life', about the scrapping of the blue van which moved her to Wales 5 years ago. Over 300 people visited the exhibition over the weekend!

On 21 June 2007 the exhibition White Noise opened at Oriel Dafydd Hardy. To read the press release of this collaboration between Femke van Gent and visual artist/dancer Paula Hampson click here

There have been 3 opportunities this summer to see performances using Femke's objects:
- 26 June - Sarah Mumford at Welsh Independent Dance Open Platform - Aberystwyth Art Centre, Aberystwyth
- 30 June - SWITCH V2 - NW-Dance Collective at Showcase Dawns i Bawb - Galeri, Caernarfon
- 14 July - SWITCH V2 - NW-Dance Collective at Showcase Dawns i Bawb - Civic Hall, Conwy

In Oct 2006 the artist joined an exciting collaborative project in Spain, for press release & photos click here